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A sigh escaped his lips as he knew he was approaching her. He knew just exactly where she was. Where they both liked to think. To take they're mind off of this crazy and sometimes cruel world. The fire escape.

He noticed her sitting on a beach chair he left there and didn't bother to take it back in. The wind was cold, it rushed through they're hair with a swift motion. And suddenly Sam turned her head towards Freddie without him making a single noise.

"Oh, I thought it was chicken" She shook her head and sat back down.

Freddie chuckled slightly. "It actually is" He raised the bucket of fried chicken he held in his hand. Sam stoop up and sat on the stairs. She took a piece of fried chicken and began devouring it. Freddie also took one and joined her.

"T-Thanks for the chicken Freddifer" Sam smiled looking at her third chicken.

"No problem" He said softly. He sat on the window edge staring at his second chicken. They were in complete silence. Neither spoke. They just either stared at they're chicken or ate it repeatedly.  

"You brought anything to drink?" Sam asked making Freddie jump a bit.

"Oh, yeah." He handed her a bottle of wahoo punch while he had a bottle of blue tea.

"Thanks" She mumbled somewhat shallowly. He gave her a small smile and opened his bottle.

It was so silent now and a bit awkward. They were both thinking about the same thing...the kiss, what had happened earlier....and....was it really a mistake?

"No..." Freddie whispered.

"What?" Sam asked now looking at him.

"N-No!" Freddie said with more confidence now. "Sam, that kiss wasn't a mistake, it was supposed to go like it did, even if it was awkward, even if it was just our first kiss, I don't regret it at all....I...I'm sorry" He shook his head.

Sam didn't say anything for a while, she kept her gaze stuck to her food. And than...."It's okay" She said. Freddie now looked at her and blue met brown. "I know you just said that because of the pressure and all, but I don't really care" She took a bite of her fried chicken, threw it off the edge o the building and grabbed another one from the bucket. Freddie chuckled softly at her.

"So we're cool?" Freddie asked.

"Yeah. Sure nub" She took a sip of her wahoo punch and looked at him.

"And....about what Carly was saying about us belong-"

"Forget about that, I'll never like you and you'll never like me" Sam stated as if it was so simple.

Freddie looked at her red, wahoo punched stained lips. "Yeah" He smiled. He took a sip of his blue tea.

Sam chuckled.

"What?" He asked smiling at her actions.

"Have you looked in a mirror Fredgeek?" She asked between chuckles.

"Uh..." He got out his cellphone and looked at himself in the screen. His lips were blue. He chuckled.

"So anyway, yeah. You're right. Carly's just over reacting to the whole....'seddie madness'" He said putting emphasis to the last word.

"Yeah, those people are crazy"

"Yeah, we are so not right for each other"

"No Chiz Fredlock. I'd never date you dork" Sam rolled her eyes.

"Yeah...not even in her dreams" Freddie said not really staring at Sam now, but Sam did. He felt her blue eyes staring at him, so he turned his gaze back to her. And suddenly they began to lean, and soon enough they're lips touched and began to move, the liquid that had stained them earlier now colliding and making a purple color covering they're lips. They pulled apart.

"Yeah...we're so wrong for each other" Sam smiled.

Freddie kissed her one more time than stared at her eyes. "Yeah"
This is the last chapter for this story! YES, I finished it :D

I was going to make another chapter with purple, but I kind of included it here because I thought it worked, and yeah...screw Carly's point of view here xD

Thanks everyone who read this story! Your awesome! :cookie:

Previous Chapter-->[link]

And always remember! Never forget! :iconseddieplz: For The Win!!! :D
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